Article 1 - Identification of the company SAS Boucan Canot 

Head office: HOTEL LE BOUCAN CANOT**** 32, rue du Boucan Canot - 97434 Saint Gilles Les Bains

Telephone: 0262 33 44 44 - Fax: 0262 33 44 45 SIRET: 331 672 00016 - RC 85B66 - APE 551A


Article 2 - Object 

The present general conditions concern exclusively the requests of information and reservations for THE HOTEL LE BOUCAN CANOT****, on the site.

These conditions apply with the exception of the current conditions in the partner selling points, in particular those current for sales by Tours Operators. The reservations on the site are reserved for the private individuals.

No dispensation on the present conditions will be accepted. You declare to have acquainted and accepted the present general conditions of sale before the sending of your request and/or reservation. The validation of your demand is thus worth acceptance of these general conditions of sale. Except contrary proof, the data registered by THE HOTEL LE BOUCAN CANOT**** establish the proof of all the transactions.


Article 3 - Reservation

Any reservation must be accompanied with a guarantee made by the payment of the total amount of the stay, by the use of a credit card. All the reservation whatever their origin, are payable in euro (€). The VAT is always included. The reservation becomes definitive at this moment. The customer can acquit the balance of the stay as well as the consumptions during its departure of THE HOTEL LE BOUCAN CANOT****. In case of long-term stay, an invoicing will be weekly established. In case of not consumption of the PDJ or dinner on price lists BB or Half-board, no deduction will be granted. You will then be considered for having accepted all the indications relative to our services, carried orally in your knowledge. The additional services ensuing from an involuntary continuation of the stay (climatic conditions, etc.) are chargeable to the customer. The extra time of stays are charged per day. Any shortened stay or not consummate service cannot be the object of a refund.

Valid method of payment: Voucher, VISA, Eurocard, American Express, check €, and cash €. The reception is opened 24/24. Your reservation is definitively taken into account and engages THE HOTEL LE BOUCAN CANOT**** only to reception of the e-mail confirming that the order was well validated. Consequently, we invite you to consult your electronic mail. The reservations must be always made in writing (email, fax, postal mail). The tourist tax in 1,07€ supplement a person (from 13 years) and for each night, it has to be pay on the spot. The half board does not include drinks. The free access is applicable for the child of less than 3 years.


Article 4 – Promotion and Special Packages 

The promotions on Internet are not cumulative, modifiable or cancellable. They are valid for the rates and indicated dates. Particular conditions: the relative information of the credit card of the customer is necessary to benefit from these promotions. Any modification or cancellation is impossible after the reservation. The customer agrees to pay upon the reservation the total of the amount of the stay. This sum is not refundable in case of cancellation or modification of the dates of stay. Deadline of cancellation: the total of amount is not refundable, even in case of cancellation or of modification. Policy of guarantee: prepayment by credit card of the totality of the stay sold during the reservation.


Article 5 - Cancellation

According to the article L 121-20-4 of the Code of the Consumption, the overnight stays in hotel room are not the objects of retraction. Every reservation gives the right to the perception of fees not refundable in case of cancellation.

For any cancellation receive between 30 to 20 days upon arrival, THE HOTEL LE BOUCAN CANOT**** will keep 30% of the total amount of the stay. For any cancellation receive between 19 to 8 days upon arrival, THE HOTEL LE BOUCAN CANOT**** will keep 50% of the total amount of the stay. For any cancellation receive 7 days upon arrival, THE HOTEL LE BOUCAN CANOT**** will keep 100% of the total amount of the stay.

Any modification or cancellation of the reservation by the customer will not be considered if it did not reach in writing (mail, fax, e-mail, postal mail) before described period. The changes or the cancellation cannot be accepted by telephone. In case of anticipated departure the totality of the stay must be adjusted. We invite you in any case to verify before your arrival to the hotel that your reservation is maintained well without modification, by telephone or directly in the hotel.


Article 6 - Complaint 

Any contesting or complaint emitted after the departure of the hotel cannot be considered or must be notified by sending of an express mail sent in to the hotel during three working days following the date of departure of the customer of the Hotel. For lack of such announcement the service will considerer to have been totally accepted without any reserve, with express and irrevocable renunciation of the customer and third party to make any appeal against the hotel. In case of contesting, the data kept in our information system (computer, invoices, billing...) have convincing strength.


Article 7 - Responsibility 

If we are responsible for the good execution of the obligations resulting expressly from the contract, we save on the other hand the possibility of exempting us from all or any of our responsibility by bringing the proof that the non-fulfilment or the bad execution of the contract which would be possibly attributable to the customer. He/she would be informed, unpredictable and insuperable, of a third party foreign to the supply of the services planned to the contract or to the case of absolute necessity. We also specify the customer that the executive responsibility of the hotelkeepers and consequently, our responsibility would not be engaged in case of loss, of theft or of degradation of personal effects in our structure. In the eventuality of the provider is in the impossibility to execute his obligation by putting at disposition of the customer the accommodation specified during the reservation, THE HOTEL LE BOUCAN CANOT****, makes a commitment to offer to the customer another type of accommodation which can be of superior quality and will not charge any additional fee in case to the customer in case of difference of rate. The hotel is held towards the customer only by an obligation of means and not of results.


Article 8 - Arrival 

Arrival and departure: as regards the stays, the delivery of the keys is only made from 2pm the day of your arrival. These keys must be returned before 10 am the day of your departure.


Article 9 - Animals 

Animals are not accepted in our hotel.


Article 10 - Applicable Laws and Disputes 

The hotel is non-smoking. It is strictly forbidden to cook and to eat in hotel rooms. 

The Customer is responsible towards the hotel for any damage that he or persons who accompany him or whose load he has talk in the building of the hotel where in his (her) outside or internal dependences (gardens, access, ramps, etc.), or the furniture, the equipment furnishing the hotel or who is a part of it. The children stay under the responsibility of the customer. Child, are considered as not major person. Every customer is held the respect the employees at the risk of refusal of the access to THE HOTEL LE BOUCAN CANOT**** or his eviction without refund or compensation. The acceptance by electronic way of the present general conditions of sale has the effect to link the hotel to the customer and the third party, according to the present general conditions. The customer and the third party accept expressly that any data concerning his/her reservation will be kept. In case of dispute, only St Denis's court (Reunion island 97400) will be competent THE HOTEL LE BOUCAN CANOT****, will not assume any responsibility for any case concerning Internet and/or any downloads via our site. THE HOTEL LE BOUCAN CANOT**** contains links towards other web sites, THE HOTEL LE BOUCAN CANOT **** do not endorses or is responsible in any way for the contents of these other sites. The complaints will always be received with attentive benevolence, the good faith being always presumed at the one who makes the effort to expose his situations. In case of dispute you will make your complaints with THE HOTEL THE BOUCAN CANOT**** - 32, rue Boucan Canot - 97434 Saint Gilles Les Bains - Reunion Island.


Article 10 Legal notices: Editor, Host, Licenses and reproduction rights

The contents of the present site, the internal architect THE HOTEL LE BOUCAN CANOT****, as well as any creations realized specially for/by THE HOTEL LE BOUCAN CANOT****, are elements protected in conformance with copyright, rights of the brands, or all other privileges concerning intellectual or industrial property. Consequently, all the elements appearing on the site cannot be reproduced or recorded with the exception of the cases expressly authorized by the code of the intellectual property, on condition however that it does not carry infringement of rights in the person of the employees of THE HOTEL LE BOUCAN CANOT****

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