Hoist the mainsail!

Escape and let yourself be rocked by the rhythm of the waves and the gentle rays of the sun on board the Catamarans. Dolphins, sea turtles and humpback whales will probably keep you company.

A unique excursion

You will be carried away by the gentle ripples of the waves, your eyes riveted on the blue of the ocean in search of possible cruise companions. During the southern winter (June to September), humpback whales from Antarctica reach the warm waters of the Indian Ocean for the mating season or to give birth. Dolphins and sea turtles can be observed all year round. A remarkable point of view to approach the west coast of Reunion Island.

You will be charmed by the spectacle of the sunset, sublimated by a typically Reunionese snack based on Ti Punch, Samoussas and Bonbon piment…



    From 53€ per person.

    Reservation strongly advised.